The Thanjavur Companions



Some weddings are unforgettable and as beautiful as they stuck inside your heart. Palanquin Bearers went to Thanjavur which is popular for its centuries-old temple and culture. The experience for us was unique and heart-warming when we met people over there. We were supposed to capture from the groom side but after seeing the bride we couldn't resist at all. Every ritual was new, every moment was emotional. Eventually, we learnt everything over there. Our fellow friend, Brahmi was guiding us before every ritual was about to happen. The journey began from 'Mapillai Nalangu', a ritual where friends and family give blessings and pray for the couple's happiness and prosperity. 


We had this perception, that the wedding will wind up in a peaceful manner, as we usually see in a South Indian wedding but NO! The whole gang were full-on Dance, Bhangra and Talliness. You must be curious to know more about this wedding right? Let's jump into some thick details. Like a fairy-tale, it was a Christian Wedding, in other words, a Tamil Christian Wedding. Isn't it interesting? 


Our Bride & Groom, Kalven~Rimna got married amongst the Sacred Heart Cathedral church in the presence of their friends and family. The groom arrival, bridal entry, all the holy rituals and last fun were so mesmerizing that for a moment we had to remind ourselves to keep shooting while smiling like goofs.  We captured everything of them, from the beginning till the end. 


Till then, here is a look at the most gorgeous wedding you'll ever see at a wedding anywhere in the world.   







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